2011 Annual Conference

Hilton Bonnet Creek
Orlando, FL
June 22-24, 2011


Minutes from General Membership Meeting


Red Light Camera Experience in Orange County (Krista Barber, Orange County)

Railroad Agreements and Your Money (Doug Gable/Steve Logan, Polk County)

Problem Road Projects (Subsurface and Drainage) and Litigation Experience (Devo Seereeram, DEVO)

ITS Adaptive Signal Control and Funding Sources (Eddie Curtis, FHWA)

Adaptive Signal Control in Florida (Fred H. Heery, Sr., FDOT)

Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Integrated Bridge System (Jefferey Ger, Ph. D., FHWA)

GRS FDOT (Larry Jones, FDOT)

FDOT Update (Duane Brautigam, FDOT)

Adopting Standard K Factors Throughout FDOT
SIB Frequently Asked Questions
SIB Talking Points

Green Thinking for Black Roads (Matthew LaChance, VHB)

“There Goes My Everything”, Eminent Domain & Business Damages (Carlos Kelly, Attorney, Henderson, Franklin, Starnes, & Holt, P.A.)

ADA: “Dos and Don’ts”, What to Avoid, Awareness, Pitfalls (Richard Londono, ADAAG Consulting Services)

A Traffic Calming Stalemate: Finding Common Ground (Wilson Lorenz, IBI Group)


Webcast Recording

The presentations from the Wednesday and the Thursday (June 22 and 23, 2011) sessions were broadcast live via the web and recorded for playback in your browser.  These sessions will be available as soon as possible, please check back for updates.


Tips for viewing the recordings:

To fast-forward to any point in the recording, you may use the gray and green progress bar at the bottom of the screen.

You may also click on the ‘View Advanced Options’ icon () and click on “Sharing” to view a list of the PowerPoint slides to navigate through.

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